Energy and Building Design

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Course programme

The general overview of courses and the name of the courses are shown below. The principle is that you each semester follow 2 specific courses (e.g. energy/comfort + moisture courses the first semester) and then there is a large applied course following in which you work in a small group to apply your knowledge from the 2 “basic” courses for a specific building project (e.g. a passive house the first semester). The first 3 semesters the structure is like this, adding different topics and applying the knowledge in the design of more and more complex buildings. The last semester you carry out your degree project.


First Year


AEBF10: Energy Use and Thermal Comfort in Buildings

VBFF05: Moisture Safety Design 

AEBN10: Passive House – Integrating Thermal Comfort and Moisture Issues 

AEBF15: Daylighting and Lighting of Buildings

ABKF10: Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

AEBN15: Energy-efficient Office Building - Integrating Daylight and Ventilation


Second Year


AEBF20: Building Integrated Solar Energy Systems 

ABKF15: Life Cycle Perspective and Environmental Impact of Buildings 

AEBN20: Public Building - Integrating Solar Energy, Costs and Environmental Issues

AEBM01: Degree Project in Energy-efficient and Environmental Buildings


Career prospects
The global work market’s need of professionals within this area is obvious due to environmental risks and increasingly demanding building regulations. There is a need of developments and skills related to energy-efficient building design, with professionals who can rapidly lead the building industry and municipalities into a sustainable future. As a graduate from this Master’s programme, you will be able to work in design teams responsible for energy and environmental issues, and take the lead as key person in companies and municipalities pursuing energy and environmental aspects with a whole-building perspective in mind. You will also be eligible to pursue your studies at the doctoral level.