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IEA EBC Annex 56

IEA EBC Annex 56 Cost Effective Energy and Carbon Emissions Optimiziation in Building Renovation - Swedish participation

Information on the whole project,

In existing buildings the most cost-effective renovation in order to reduce the environmental impact is often a combination of energy efficiency measures and use of renewable energy. The aim of Annex56 is therefore to develop a new methodology for cost-effective renovation of existing buildings and concurrent optimization of energy use and emission of greenhouse gases. The most important objective is to develop tools, guidelines, recommendations, examples of best practice mainly for residential buildings. Increased values such as reduced operating costs, improved comfort, and increased property value are included. The most important participants from a Swedish point of view are the Nordic countries, Portugal (operating agent), Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands. Sweden participates in the whole project. The most important reports will be regarding cost effective energy and carbon emissions optimized building renovation incl. co-benefits. Information on shining examples and renovation guidelines will be published. The target group is decision makers such as building owners, property managers, developers, architects, consultants as well as researchers.

Within the Swedish participation the following issues are prioritized:

·         LCC- and LCA-calculations of cost efficient energy and CO2 emission optimization of different renovation alternatives for type buildings from million homes program (single-family and multi-family buildings built 1960-1975).

·         Compilation of all advantages and disadvantages of deep renovations of buildings from the "million homes program".

·         Studies of user (tenants) acceptance of deep renovations of buildings from the "million homes program”, by literature studies and studies of Swedish renovation projects.

·         Analysis and international presentation of some shining renovation examples and detailed cases studies.

·         A report in Swedish will summarize the international and national results from IEA Annex 56 and articles in Swedish technical journals.

Project duration: September 2012 – December 2016

Participant from Energy and Building Design, LTH: Åke Blomsterberg, project leader of the Swedish participation,

Participant from Construction Management, LTH: Rikard Nilsson

Participant from Environmental Psychology, LTH: Eja Pedersen




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