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The EBD laboratory offers large scale testing of building elements such as solar protection, glazing solutions, wall construction etc. Measurements can be performed regarding energy for heating and cooling, day lighting and thermal comfort. The twin-room facility offers reference measurements for accurate long-term investigations.

The EBD Lab belongs to the Department of Building and Environmental Technology.

In-house expertise

Staff at EBD offers expertise in daylighting / artificial lighting, solar energy, as well as energy aspects in single rooms, full scale buildings and buildings on a neighbourhood scale. EBD works both with experimental investigations and with simulations related to energy in buildings.


Two twin-rooms, four rooms in total comprise the main part of the lab. One pair of twin rooms is for thermal testing and one pair is for daylight testing. The twin-rooms are placed with its roof, floor and three walls inside the larger laboratory building. Only the south façade faces the ambient. Heating the air in the twin-rooms to the same temperature as in the larger building means that all losses and gains are related to the façade of the twin-room. Measuring the supplied heat and cool in both the test-room and the reference room gives accurate energy use data in real test conditions.

The laboratory is also equipped with a weather station in order to measure the local weather conditions at the lab.

Typical users

Researchers and diploma workers at the department.

Example of external projects: testing of heat recovery system for ventilation air and solar shading.

User skill requirements

Main parts of the equipment can be managed by technical persons after a shorter introduction.


Information about the lab fees and availability upon request

Insurance & safety

All users must have insurance to use the lab.

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Henrik Davidsson
Lecturer, Head of Laboratory

The location of the lab is outside the A-building at LTH campus.