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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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DEROB-LTH is a dynamic and detailed energy simulation tool originally developed at Austin School of Architecture, University of Texas and further developed at Lund Institute of Technology. It has accurate models to calculate the influence of solar insolation and shading devices on the energy balance in the building.

The building is modelled in 3-D, a necessary condition for accurate calculations of the distribution of solar insulation and temperatures in the room and its surfaces. DEROB-LTH can manage rooms with irregular geometries, buildings with several zones and calculate peak loads, energy demand, temperatures and thermal comfort for a building. HVAC components can however not be modelled.

Intended users are students, researchers, architects and energy consultants.

DEROB-LTH main page

A brief introduction to the DEROB-LTH program

Download the DEROB-LTH program

After unpacking the ZIP file, install the program. Then copy the files in the folder ErrorCodesDerob to the same directory on your computer.