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Energy & Building Design consists of engineers and architects where interdisciplinary research expertise is required to support technically and architecturally well-functioning solutions.

Our research areas are:

  • Energy use and energy-efficiency
  • Thermal and visual comfort
  • Passive and active use of solar energy
  • Passive cooling (window opening/solar protection)
  • Glass in buildings
  • The demands and requirements of the user
  • Life Cycle Analyses
  • Circular Building Design

The research covers the whole area between theory and demonstration project. Our projects use both quantitative and qualitative approaches and can, amongst others, result in:

  • Development of calculation models
  • Simulation and analysis
  • Measurements of the performance of components, for example g-values of shading devices, efficiency of solar collectors
  • Validation of calculation models by measurements
  • Development of design tools
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
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Research projects

The following links will open in Lund University's Research Portal: